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  • Do yourself a favour and get your Subaru serviced with Subi Evolution. I took my car to a Subaru dealership today for a service and was told I needed nearly $5000 worth of work done. I rang Russ straight away and he told me to bring the car in. Russ and his team looked over the car and showed me wha... Read More
  • Fantastic, genuine service, and completely upfront about all the information. Great vibe and feel about the whole place from the moment they answer your call to when you pick up your car. Historically always had my '13 WRX serviced at a Subaru commercial dealership who did a good job and was conveni... Read More
  • Definitely take your subaru here. Great knowledgeable staff.
  • Same as many others, dealership quoted me around $3k for something Russ fixed for under $150. Wouldn’t take my Subi anywhere else.
  • Awesome guys to deal with. Throw out bearing went on my Impreza. Called Russell Wed. morning, got my car towed to Subi that afternoon and my car was ready by Fri morning. These guys are very efficient and do a great job. Will definitely go back with no hesitation. Prices are very reasonable too! Tha... Read More

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  • 5 / 5
    5th, May 2017
    I freaking love this place! Russ and Steve really know their stuff when it comes to Subaru's and have helped me out so much. Wouldn't even consider taking my subi anywhere else! Thanks for all the wiper blades guys! �... Read More
  • 5 / 5
    24th, May 2017
    Russ and Steve brought my Suby back to life better than before. After a routine service it was found to have a few more problems than I thought, but they outdid themselves. Not only was the quality of the workmanship amazing but it was extremely fast too. These guys are not interested in your money, they genuinely care about their customers and their boxers which is rare to find these days. Could not recommend more.... Read More
  • 5 / 5
    5th, April 2018
    Thanks Russ & Steve. STI feels great! Great service and advice.... Read More
  • 5 / 5
    12th, June 2018
    Russell and the boys went above and beyond with great service and great price, would highly recommend them and definitely will be a repeat customer thanks again guys.... Read More
  • 5 / 5
    15th, June 2018
    Very happy with the service and repairs. Russell and his team deserve a big pat on the back. I highly recommend subi evolution to any subaru owners.... Read More
  • 5 / 5
    24th, July 2018
    The boys at Subi Evolution did and awesome job doing the major service on my rex, recommend them to anybody, great people and awesome service! Thanks Boys!!... Read More
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    15th, September 2018
    I had some work done on my 2013 forester second time there. It's so good to go to a mechanic and feel comfortable with all the staff and know the job will be done properly. Keep up the good work Subievolution.... Read More
  • 5 / 5
    17th, September 2018
    Russ and the team went above and beyond for me! Can't recommend these guys highly enough. They really care about the cars more than the dollar signs. Will definitely be a returning customer :-)... Read More
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    19th, September 2018
    ⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟🌟 Honest, Reliable and Trustworthy. My first experience with Russ and the team at Subi Evolution began after being told my Subi needed thousands of dollars worth of repairs at a dealership. The staff at the dealership were advising me that the repairs were so urgent that l should leave my car there that night and take home a courtesy car and return a week later. Fortunately the staff left me alone for long enough for me to call a friend to ask if the repair costs seemed reasonable. My friend’s advice was to ‘get the hell out of there!’ and go and see the team at Subi Evolution. That was about 7 years ago now. My experience with Russ and the team has always been professional and without pressure. My mechanical knowledge is pretty much non existent however, Russ and the team have never made me feel embarrassed, instead, taking the time to explain to me what needs to be done, prioritising the work and giving me an idea of how long it might be until brake pads etc need to be replaced. The team go above and beyond for their customers and will do a local drop off and pick up or let you relax in the customer lounge while they take care of your Subi. Russ even helped me when purchasing my second hand Subi which l took home today and look forward to having Subi Evolution take care of for me so I can just enjoy driving her. Last but by far not the least, I must mention their exceptional public relations manager, Boris ❤️... Read More
  • recommends
    26th, October 2018
    Russ and the team are experts in Subaru, great advice, service and overall quality in their passion. Very happy all round, would recommend to anyone that wants their car looked after!... Read More
  • recommends
    2nd, November 2018
    All the guys there are lovely and genuine .Did a great job on my car and a great price.... Read More
  • recommends
    26th, November 2018
    Once again Russ and his team took the the time to look after me with not much notice and fixed my problem, thanks again guys, don’t hesitate to call them if you have a problem they are the best in the business and very friendly and helpful. Keep up the great work.... Read More
  • recommends
    28th, November 2018
    Gets the job done at a great price and in a timely manner Good service... Read More
  • recommends
    8th, December 2018
    subaru specialist for most models... Read More
  • recommends
    9th, January 2019
    Thanks Russ and team, sti feels awesome thanks to your attention to detail, again!... Read More
  • recommends
    18th, January 2019
    To anyone out there owns a Subi, no matter where you are, go to Subi Evolution to get it serviced... Guys are great, do a good job & take pride in their work.. I know my WRX is well looked after when it visits & any place that has their pet as Client Relationship Manager gets another thumbs up from me...!!... Read More