Honest, Reliable and Trustworthy.
My first experience with Russ and the team at Subi-Evolution began after being told my Subi needed thousands of dollars worth of repairs at a dealership. The staff at the dealership were advising me that the repairs were so urgent that l should leave my car there that night and take home a courtesy car and return a week later. Fortunately the staff left me alone for long enough for me to call a friend to ask if the repair costs seemed reasonable. My friend’s advice was to ‘get the hell out of there!’ and go and see the team at Subi-Evolution. That was about 7 years ago now. My experience with Russ and the team has always been professional and without pressure. My mechanical knowledge is pretty much non existent however, Russ and the team have never made me feel embarrassed, instead, taking the time to explain to me what needs to be done, prioritising the work and giving me an idea of how long it might be until brake pads etc need to be replaced. The team go above and beyond for their customers and will do a local drop off and pick up or let you relax in the customer lounge while they take care of your Subi. Russ even helped me when purchasing my next second hand Subi which l took home today and look forward to having Subi-Evolution take care of for me so I can just enjoy driving her. Last but by far not the least, I must mention their exceptional public relations manager,